Atlantic Shore Surgical Associates

Atlantic Shore Surgical Associates


Hernia Surgery


Hernias usually present as bulge along the abdominal wall, belly button, or groin.  Pain or discomfort is common but not always present.  They are usually exacerbated by exercising, straining, or just standing.  A hernia that is swollen, tender and cannot be pushed back in can be an emergency.  We are available for both elective and emergency repairs.


Our surgeons are experienced in repair in all types of hernias including

  • Umbilical,  "belly-button"
  • Inguinal, "groin"
  • Abdominal wall including ventral and incisional
  • Recurrent

Robotic, laparoscopic, and open approaches are available for all types of hernia repair, however, the best repair needs to be tailored to you and your hernia.  These options can be further discussed with your surgeon at the time of your visit.